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A good online reputation

How can you create a good reputation in the web?
A good reputation in the web
There are various ways in the web to create a good online reputation and maintain it.

Everyone can be found in the web with his own website.

Following important points on a website:

  • Information about the company (about me page, responsible person, history of the company)
  • Product information (price, dispatch, delivery, returning goods)
  • Contact data (telephone and address easily to be found)
In order to get new contacts and maintain the contact you have the following possibilities:
  • Social networks (e. g. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Newsletter (information about new products, services, etc.)
  • Blogs (to write about up-to-date subjects and comment)
It is important to write regularly about something new.

Furthermore you can be present in:

  • Online classified directories (important to reach local customers)
  • Press portals (publish articles, in order to establish onself professionally)
  • Forums (to start discussions and comment in order to discuss professionally)
Demands on a social media professional:
  • Technical abilities (enthusiasm about the web, thirst for knowledge, curiosity)
  • Character (flexible, diplomatic and friendly)
Information in the web travels fast. You have to react as quickly as possible and in an adequate way to contact forms, phone calls, complaints, comments in social networks.

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Here you can download an infographic about A good online reputation. Which points are important in your opinion to have a good online reputation?

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