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Social Networks part 3

Which one is the most suitable social network or blog?
Social networks and blogs
Social networks and blogs

In my article Social Networks – the wider the choice, the greater the trouble there was a survey of various social networks.
In my article Social Networks – Recommendations you found tips for your choice.
As there are regularly new social networks and blogs are very popular in the meantime, you will find here an updated article with additions. 
  1. Google+ for uploading a link, video, picture, event with text. The post can be edited anytime.
  2. Facebook for uploading pictures and videos, posting of text and links.
  3. YouTube for uploading videos, commenting, subscribing to a YouTube channel.
  4. Flickr for uploading pictures, infographics and videos.
  5. Pinterest for uploading pictures, infographics and videos.
  6. Twitter for posting tweets with a maximum of 140 characters with a picture video or link.
  7. Foursquare for local companies and advertising on smartphones.
  8. LinkedIn for looking for jobs, employees, customers and discussing in groups. Used internationally.
  9. XING for looking for jobs, employees, customers and discussing in groups in German speaking countries. 
  10. for creating a profile to be found internationally.
  11. SlideShare for uploading slideshows, documentations, pdf-files and videos. Used internationally.
  12. Google Blogger for creating your own blog for articles with picture, video and links.
  13. WordPress for creating your own blog for articles with picture, video and links. Can also be used for creating websites.
Have you already decided which one it will be? There are still a lot of people who hesitate to become active in social networks.
It is an advantage for companies who are doing business locally to be present in Foursquare and/or Google+ Local (now Google My Business).
LinkedIn and XING are ideal to socialise and get contacts professionally. is ideal to create a profile with information and links.
SlideShare is ideal to present something or a company. 
If you do not want to have your blog on your own website you can have a separate one with Google Blogger or WordPress in order to show your knowledge about certain subjects and to initiate discussions or make opinion research.
Besides Flickr and Pinterest there are also Tumblr and Instagram.

There are several programs with which you can make free of charge infographics which have become quite popular and are often liked and shared (e. g. easelly or Piktochart).
Here you can download an infographic about this article.

A lot of social networks are free of charge, but offer additional functions for a fee.
It is also important to check where you find your friends and competition.

Furthermore you can make publicity in the web with e. g. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or product pins in Pinterest. 
However the work to create a profile and look after it must not be forgotten. It is a must to react in an appropriate way in case of negative comments in order to maintain a good reputation in the web.
Which social networks or blogs are you using and why?

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