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Social Networks part 2

Which kind of ads are better?
Visual advertising
Social Networks - Recommendations

Help in decision-making to choose the suitable social network professionally and privately.

In my article Social Networks – the wider the choice, the greater the trouble it was my intention to give a survey of the most popular social networks.
There are still professionally and privately a lot of people who are not present in social networks or have created a profile without being active.
In your private live it is a personal decision.
Professionally it has become of significance to be present in social networks, as more and more purchases are done online instead of locally or they are at least researched in the web before buying. As it is more anonymous in the web and a personal contact has to be created first, a lot of visitors in the web appreciate ratings and reports.

Following factors which are relevant when choosing the suitable social network:

  • Country 
  • Gender and age 
  • Professional or private use
  • Industry
  • Expectations
Now some tips for your choice:

Private use
If you want to find friends, acquaintances, former classmates, students, colleagues, etc. Facebook is ideal to find them again and exchange pictures and interests.
You can reach club members rather faster via Facebook than by e-mail as members post usually daily, but do not check their e-mail account daily.
Companies selling consumer goods such as Coca-Cola or Disney reach faster their target group in Facebook.

Short news
All companies offering products or services you can easily describe in short news with a maximum of 140 characters can be efficiently advertised in Twitter, as it is used around 50 % with mobile devices.
Some examples:

  • Hotels: Informationen about empty rooms, seasonal offers 
  • Restaurants: Menu proposals
  • Department stores: Sales discounts
  • Travel agencies: Cheap flights
You can also spread news about shortages, supply availability and temporary technical problems via Twitter.

Multiple choice
If you want to be very flexible to post things I recommend Google+, as it is an international platform without the constriction of characters as with Twitter. You can add a picture, video, link or an event. You can change lateron the article or cancel it.
As Google is the most popular search engine in Europe having a Google+ page has a positive effect on the ranking. This is also true for Google Local in order that your company is found locally. In addition there are communities in Google you can join in order to discuss about specific topics.

Search for jobs, clients or business partners
I recommend Xing for the German speaking area, internationally LinkedIn.
By the way Xing is also present in Spain. You can join groups in both networks in order to discuss about specific topics.

Visual advertising
I recommend Pinterest or flickr to all companies who can make appealing pictures and videos of their products. Naturally I have to mention also YouTube for videos.
A video can be a short film or a slide show. It can be a product description and describe the functions or the owner of a company can talk about the service he is offering. You can also comment in YouTube or give a positive or negative rating.
The following industries can easily advertise their products in those networks:

  • Food industries 
  • Travel agencies
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Designers
  • Photographers
In the graphic on the top I have tried to advertise with a picture a product you cannot see: electricity from a supplier of electricity. It is important to be creative. Pictures and videos are more appealing as only text.

Status as an expert
If you want to gain a status as an expert I recommend LinkedIn or exploreB2B.  In LinkedIn you can confirm knowledge or write a recommendation. In explore B2B you can recommend someone or suggest that someone is an expert in a certain industry.
Furthermore you can publish articles about specific topics on your own blog or as a guest blogger. Checklists are very popular for example 100 SEO tips. An architect could for example make a checklist about the 10 most important points when building a house.

There is no social network suitable for everyone.
Everyone has to decide on his own which social network is the best.
It makes no sense to create an account without being active.
The social networking should be documented with the corresponding icons on the website.

Please feel free to comment which social networks you prefer and why.

Here you can download an infographic with tips for your choice.

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