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Social Networks part 1

Communication yesterday and today
Social Networks world-wide
Social Networks – the wider the choice, the greater the trouble

A short survey of social networks and their significance.
Nowadays nearly everybody can be found professionally and/or privately in one or several social networks. You can search and find there former classmates, fellow students, colleagues, friends, customers, business partners and other people and socialize.

Following the most known social networks:

Currently the most popular social network. You create a profile with a background and a profile picture, favorites, information similar to a curriculum vitae. You can share images and texts (information, experiences, recommendations, news and other things) with your fans. The fans can be divided in groups. With the like button you can inform others what you like.
Because of its popularity it is of interest for companies to think about having an entry in Facebook in order to win fans for the product or service sold.

Twitter has also a background and a profile picture, a list of favorites (which Tweets you liked) and a short biography with a maximum of 160 characters. Here you have followers, persons who follow you. You write tweets (a short text with a maximum of 140 characters) and can add a link or an image. If the link is too long you can use a service like Bitly to shorten it. Twitter is ideal for short information for hotels and restaurants.

Similar to Facebook. The size of the background image was recently enlarged and can be used creatively to present for example your products. The profile picture can also be seen when you make a comment to a post in Google+. Here you give +1 if you like something. The people who follow you can be divided in circles, e. g .friends, acquaintances, business partners and so on.

LinkedIn is a professional network to look for jobs, offer jobs, acquisition of customers, exchange of information about various topics in groups. Private entries are with a curriculum vitae, company entries with information about the company, the products, the employees. LinkedIn is used internationally.

Xing is similar to LinkedIn a professional network, but less international.

Flickr is a network for the exchange of digital pictures and short videos.


Pictures and videos are pinned to a pinboard and shared. It is used mainly by women. In the meantime a similar network only for men called Manterest has been founded.

Instagram is used to make and modify pictures and share them in several networks.

Tumblr is a social network where texts, pictures, videos, links and other things can be published in a blog.

Viadeo is a competitor of LinkedIn.
Further social networks are for example Ciao, Delicious, Kununu, lokalisten, Mister Wong, monster, Qype, Verivox, Yahoo, yelp. There are regularly new social networks founded.

It is important to be present in social networks in order to build an online reputation, as more and more is bought online instead of locally.
There is no best choice regarding social networks. The choice of a social network  depends on what you want to achieve professionally or privately and where you can find friends, your competition and potential customers.
The industry and the country are also factors which should be taken into account when choosing a social network.

It is not enough to simply create an entry and wait.
You have to engage socially in social networks, build contacts and socialize, post news regularly. Hence was created the job profile of a community manager.
It is of the utmost importance to react in a constructive way to negative comments and criticism. In case of need apologize in public and offer a solution.
The alpha and omega of selling is still an excellent customer service which can be documented in social networks.
Not the quantity but the quality of your followers and fans is important. Therefore don’t confirm every invitation to become a follower or fan, look first at the profile.

In addition to a presence in social networks I can recommend entries in online directories such as hotfrog, city-map, Cylex, industrystock, W & V, werben und verkaufen.

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