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The perfect onlineshop

What is important for your perfect onlineshop?
What is important for the perfect onlineshop?
Nowadays more and more is researched online and also ordered in the web. 
Local shops complain about loss of sales.
A good customer service is very important online and offline.
It is also important for everyone to be found online.

You can have an onlineshop in addition to selling locally or there is only an onlineshop and no local selling. Products have to be found easily in an onlineshop either sorted by categories or with a search function. HTTPS-pages during the order process and seals of quality such as Trusted Shops or eKomi give security and create confidence.

The following points are important in onlineshops:

Product information
Minimum 1 product picture, eventually a short video. Product information, description. Search function.

Price, terms of payment and delivery
Precise information about the price. Terms of delivery (DPD, DHL, UPS, etc.)? Terms of payment (invoice, credit card, PayPal, etc.)?
Delivery free of charge (optionally with a minimum order value).

Easy to find contact data
Telephone number in the header. Contact form with a minimum of fields. Chat tool.

Quick loading time
Visitors on a website are impatient and bounce quickly if a new page is not loaded quickly enough.

Simple registration
Registration as a guest, new or existing customer.

Order confirmation

Automatic e-mail thanking for and confirming the order.

Dispatch advice

Automatic e-mail with dispatch details.

With registration

Automatic transfer of the customer data when entering the customer number.
Overview of the open and closed orders with information about dispatch, return deliveries, payments and account balance.

HTTPS-pages and quality seals
HTTPS-pages during the order process, seals of quality for onlineshops.

Here you can download an infographic The perfect onlineshop.

Which points should be added for the perfect onlineshop?

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