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Writing and publishing a book

Who publishes books from hobby writers?
Publishing a book
The laborious way to publish a book

A lot of people love to read and one day write a book

  • to tell other people what experiences they made (e. g. with a serious disease),
  • about a subject, a hobby (e. g. fish breeding),
  • because they have a lot of imagination and ideas for a novel or a mystery story.
Following some tips for writing and publishing a book:
  1. Collect notes, make a first draft.
  2. Write the book, blurbs, a short biography, choose a picture for the cover.
  3. Proofread or look for a lector.
  4. Are you famous or do you have a famous partner? No problem to find a publisher.
  5. If you are not famous, look for a Book on Demand publisher (books printed on demand) or publish yourself as an indie author.
  6. Mouth-to-mouth propaganda with friends, acquaintances, etc.
  7. Print and distribute promotional articles (e.g. bookmarks).
  8. Contact local bookstores.
  9. Create a website and a Google Analytics account.
  10. Create profiles in social networks (e. g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube), Amazon Author Central and a blog.
Good luck and never stop the promotion.

Here you can download an infographic for writing and publishing a book.

In Amazon you can have a look at my books (only available in German).

If you already are a writer I invite you to tell me your story how you became a writer in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or Dutch and send me the link of your article. Here you will find more information in German and my mail address.

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