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Viral Marketing

How does an information get viral?
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing – The quick mouth-to-mouth propaganda

The propaganda of news yesterday with smoke signals, today with social networks and media.

News are meant to be broadcasted as fast as possible with viral marketing like an epidemic in order to advertise a brand or product.

Formerly this was done with mouth-to-mouth propaganda. One person tells the others, the listeners tell other people and thus news reach more and more people.

Nowadays among other things the following methods are used to broadcast news about products and brands:

  • Postcards in journals
  • Free samples
  • Promotional articles
  • TV-spots
  • Videos
  • Comments in social networks
  • Articles in internet forums or blogs
Most people react to words like cost-free and free of charge, like to try things and buy later if the product is okay.

Practical promotional articles such as bags, umbrellas, biros, USB-sticks with the brand name and logo are useful and promote wherever you see them.

In TV-spots you are prompted nowadays directly to become a fan and you can see the logo of for example Facebook on the screen in order to know in which social network you get more information.

You can sell more products with short videos where the customer can have a look at all sides of the product or see the functions of it.

In internet forums and blogs people can establish themselves as experts.

Two points are especially important in marketing:

  1. The logo: Popular examples are Audi, Avis, BMW, Coca-Cola, Federal Express, McDonald’s, Milka, Starbucks-Coffee, Volvo. Even children recognise the logo without being able to read.
  2. Listening: Who does not cater to the demands and proposals of customers and who is not taking serious complaints and criticism has already lost and a negative information goes viral.
Here you can download an infographic Viral Marketing.

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