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Time factor in the web

How important is time in the web?
The time factor in the web
The time factor in the web

Everyone wants to find as quickly as possible the requested information in the web.
Information must be quickly and easily accessible. You can reach this among other things with an easy navigation and significant titles in the menus and on buttons.

Reasons for leaving a website:

  • When I fill in a contact form and there are too many mandatory fields, I quit. 3 fields (name, e-mail-address and a description field) are absolutely sufficient.
  • When I want to have a look at a website and the loading time is too long (especially on a mobile device), I quit. You can check the loading time e. g. with Google PageSpeed Insights and receive some tips to improve it.
  • When I want to order something and cannot find straightaway information about pricing, shipping, payment conditions and return shipments, I quit. Icons of UPS, DHL, PayPal, etc. in the sidebar give a very quick information visually. The terms of delivery should be in the FAQs and the general terms and conditions. 3 steps at the most for the order processing decrease the bounce rate.
  • When I want to read something and have to register first, I quit. In my opinion a registration only makes sense with sensitive data. E. g. technical data the competition should not know or scientific data which belong to ongoing research.
The problem in the web is the anonymity. The bounce rate on websites is most of the time quite high. These visitors on your website are lost.

Partly these visitors can be reached again with e. g. Google remarketing. A customer who has been looking e. g. for shoes on your website, but has not ordered, sees with remarketing a banner ad on other websites and might visit your website another time.

Additionally you can offer on your website a free of charge webinar, e-book or download of a pdf-file with tips. The visitor on your website leaves his e-mail address and you can use it for e-mail marketing.

Visitors on a website are very impatient. A quick loading time and an easy navigation are therefore absolutely necessary. When people search something pictures are a visual help to find it, e. g. the social networks of a company. The visitor of a website has to know exactly what happens when he clicks on a menu or a button.

Here you can download an infographic about the bounce rate.

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