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SEO versus AdWords

The advantages and disadvantages of SEO and Google AdWords
SEO versus Google AdWords
SEO versus Google AdWords

The advantages and disadvantages of search engine optimisation and Google AdWords

I think you can agree that it is a must nowadays to be found in the web. Therefore you have to create a website first.

There are 2 possibilities that the website is found on page 1 in a search engine:

  1. Search engine optimisation
  2. Google AdWords
You can be immediately on page 1 with a Google AdWords campaign, but need a lot of time and efforts to do the same with search engine optimisation.

You can hire an external company to take care of the search engine optimisation which costs money or hire or train an employee and give him the task to take care of it. In this case you have to calculate the time and efforts of the employee.

You can activate and pause anytime a Google AdWords campaign. You decide on the daily budget you want to spend for your ads.
Creating and testing ads in Google AdWords is useful to find out which texts and slogans are attracting more customers.

Whatever you choose, a combination of both is also possible, a Google Analytics account should be created in any case in order to analyse visits on your website from which country they were, which keywords were used, how long and which pages visitors visited on your website. You can also collect data with Google Analytics which is useful for search engine optimisation, e. g. keywords which should be used on your website pages.

Attached 3 infographics:

  1. Checklist for creating a website
  2. Tips for websites
  3. Checklist for creating a Google AdWords campaign

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