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Good content

What is good content?
Good content
Writing good content

A lot of people know the sentence „content is king“. The content must be relevant for the reader and naturally also for the search engine, this means the reader should get the requested information.
A book must be either informative or exciting.

Following some tips for writing:
  1. Catchy title
  2. Clear structure
  3. Offer something
To arouse interest. Usually no problem when it concerns sport or stars.

To make curious to continue reading.

To describe a problem and offer a solution.

E. g. 10 important points when building a house.

E. g. how to achieve ... in 3 steps.

E. g. how to avoid the 3 worst mistakes when ...

Offer a free of charge e-book, PDF-file with tips or a small gift.

Human touch
Tell a story, which appeals with emotions, humour and a personal touch.

Good luck and a lot of readers!

With a good picture on the cover of the book, in the post or on the website you also spark the interest to read.

Here you can download an infographic about writing good content.

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