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Customer ratings

The significance of customer ratings
Customer ratings
Customer ratings

Nowadays more and more is ordered online. Customers trust ratings from friends, acquaintances or other customers, as it is anonymous in the web.
Therefore it is important for sellers to get positive ratings.

Following some points what sellers should never do:

  1. Never address the customer with "Dear customer", always use his name.
  2. Never use a standard text if it does not match 100 % the letter from the customer.
  3. Never use "Your customer service" as signature. Always provide a contact person.
  4. Never take more than 1 - 2 days for the answer. Always answer promptly.
  5. Never tell the customer that he is the first to complain about this.
  6. Never make a complicate proposal if there is a simple way.
  7. Never treat the customer like a supplicant or idiot.
  8. Never be anonymous. Customers want to have service from a human being not a machine.
A happy customer gladly gives a positive rating. You can build your online reputation with positive ratings. Therefore it is important to give always a good customer service. With appropriate measures after a negative rating you can turn an unsatisfied customer to a happy customer. Never forget that the customer pays the salary of your complete staff.

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Here is an infographic Customer ratings you can download.

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