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Customer Service

What is important for a good customer service?
Customer Service
Customer Service: Hooray an order– What next?

The significance of after sales service for creating regular customers in the anonymous web.

A customer has ordered on the phone, in writing or online. What should you do now?

  1. Thank  him for the order. 
  2. Send an order confirmation.
  3. Send goods in time as promised.
  4. Send information about the dispatch.
  5. Inform immediately, if you cannot deliver on time.
  6. Ask the customer whether everything was okay and to evaluate your product and service.
  7. Promise a gift for the testimonial (e. g. next delivery free of shipping costs).
  8. Never dismiss a complaint.
  9. Apologize for inconveniences caused and offer a solution.
  10. Stay in contact with the customer (e. g. with a newsletter or social networks).
  11. Inform about product changes and new products.
  12. Simplify the order processing (online 3 steps at most).
  13. Reward loyalty (incentives, discounts).
  14. Show the customer respect.
  15. Be personal, not anonymous.

Quality means that the customer comes back and not the goods. Bad news travel faster than good news. Therefore a good reputation of the company, the product and the service are very important.

You can send the order confirmation, dispatch advice, information about receipt of a return delivery or credit note automated with standard texts. But always send an answer to a customer complaint personalised and individualised with a contact person. “Your customer service” in the signature is impersonal and anonymous and does not inspire confidence.

In short: Win the trust of the customer and keep it.

Here is an infographic customer service you can download.

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